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    Letter to MacArthur Foundation

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    Ms. Julia Stasch, President
    John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
    140 S. Dearborn Street
    Chicago, IL 60603-5285

    Dear President Stasch and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation,

    It is with great hope and expectation that I noted that you have moved the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in the direction of tackling big problems and working to have a transformative impact on the biggest ones we all face.  While you mention climate change in your announcements of 100&Change, I would like to ask you personally to fund solutions to the climate crisis.  The reasons are many.

    First, we exist in a global warming emergency now, and we are doing far too little to stabilize climate in the US or world-wide. 

    Next, if we do not stabilize climate then all of the other crises we face are made much worse.  One of our best known climate scientists, Katharine Hayhoe said it best: “We can pour all of our money, all of our effort and everything we have into a bucket of humanitarian efforts, but it will not be enough.  Because the bucket has a hole in it.  That hole is climate change.  And it is getting bigger.”  See the three-minute film here.

    Third, climate change threatens us all with extinction, and extinction of our living systems upon which we depend utterly.  Civilization is at stake “right now” as are many of the other creatures that share our beautiful home with us. 

    Finally, climate must be stabilized within a context of justice, equity, and fairness for all of us and for the rest of life.  And justice, equity, and fairness have no future, indeed no hope without a stable climate and a sustainable humanity.

    There has never been a crisis like this climate crisis.  Everything is at stake because of it.  The climate crisis needs the focus of 100&Change and all of the resources that can be brought to bear from other Philanthropies that will partner with you.

    Please help us all, and help us all now.

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    Climate Emergency Coalition Sign-On
    For Individuals


    The world is in a state of Climate Emergency, and we must slash fossil fuel use now. Climate stabilization, consistent with international goals (1.5-2°C) means a fossil fuel phase-out in about a decade for the US and fifteen years worldwide. Otherwise, the risks of going past 2°C and crossing catastrophic tipping points are unacceptably high. 

    In that light, we need a Declaration of Global Warming State of Emergency so that the people of the United States will demand immediate action. In that way, we meet the most critical moral issue of our time. 

    Therefore, I support a Declaration of Climate Emergency.

    Moreover, I support the responses required to address the emergency. The United States must mobilize to leave fossil fuels. This means we will:

    • Eliminate fossil fuels:
      • Price carbon and remove subsidies. Make fossil fuels account for their true costs.
      • Keep fossil fuels in the ground. Oppose their exploration, development, export, and new infrastructure through collective action.
    • Phase-in renewable energy:
      • Incentivize clean energy development, production, and roll-out as quickly as possible.
      • Assist developing nations with renewable energy so they bypass fossil fuel development.  





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