The global warming emergency is the most critical moral issue of our time. The Association for the Tree of Life (ATL) is working on effective responses that meet the scope, scale, and urgency of the crisis. ATL is a lead organization calling for and catalyzing the broad-based media, educational, and grassroots campaigns resulting in Emergency Climate and Ecological Mobilization that produces zero US carbon emissions within a decade.

Our team has a track record of delivering results on a national grassroots movement and national legislation, for the largest ecological restoration in US history. The infrastructure for that particular movement still remains and can be activated.

We have grassroots partners ready to engage their citizen networks through massive outreach.

We have committed partners involved in the integration of climate ethics into faith denominations at the national level. We have thousands of partner venues throughout the US ready to host the essential climate education and conversation now.

We have science communication partners ready to utilize the best available educational resources on climate change. Finally, we are working with the most acclaimed scientists and energy experts in the world to clearly explain what is at stake and what we must do to address the crisis.

ATL is an independent, nonpartisan 501c3 nonprofit organization.


Michael Mielke: President of the Board

George Paul Kemp



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