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Learn about the “Hydra-Headed Delusion Dragon” that has the world caught in its spell, and how we can combat its multi-headed delusions and threats.

Download and read ATL’s free e-book Climate and Ecological Delusions and Contradictions That Will Rapidly End Humanity…Unless... .

Then send it to philanthropies, political leaders, family, and friends—asking them to help issue the warning.

Delusions and Contradictions provides the basis for why we need to trigger a wide spread alarm and how we can achieve it.

ATL believes our potential for a livable future hinges on first warning the US about our comprehensive self-destructive pathways and systems.  Many factors clearly show the concentrated self-destruction. To name a few:   

How do we get to effective responses given the crises we live within?

Climate chaos cannot be readily felt, nor is it able to be seen.  The result is confusion about that crisis. The other factors can be readily seen and feelings of revulsion can readily attend to their perception—thus they can be used in an extensive warning and awakening campaign. 

The first imperative is to issue a nationwide alarm. The “tool” ATL is using in this warning effort is to share far and wide the free e-book Delusions and Contradictions (see box, right). So, individuals who care about a viable future can join in warning our fellow citizens, starting in the US.

The entity who can lead the national and worldwide alarm—who has the ready understanding of the “Hydra-Headed” nature of our crises, who has the staff and scientists who understand the straightforward information about these crises, who can easily spend billions of dollars sounding the alarm so that the US awakens to these gathering crises—is philanthropy.

Philanthropy is the cultural agent to fulfill a "Paul Revere" role in shifting public perceptions and national dialogue by underwriting an extensive media warning campaign.

The first order of business is to call on philanthropies to sound the alarm to awaken the nation to the comprehensive nature of our self-destructive operating systems.  Also write the two key political leaders who understand the nature and extent of the crisis.

Next, warn friends and family about the gathering crises. Send them ATL’s e-book and ask them to participate in helping to sound the general alarm. Ask them to send Delusions and Contradictions to the philanthropies and leaders detailed here

Further, philanthropy must fund and implement a “Balance Broadcast Center,” available to all Americans, functioning 24/7 so that they perceive the Realities facing all of us. The Center could broadcast progress examples, best practices driving toward ecological balance, and the best systemic responses at national, local, and state levels. The Center must be interactive, enabling individuals and groups to interact with each other, ask questions, get answers, suggest content, and get best-practice answers so that viability can viralize.

Beyond the Balance Broadcast Center, philanthropy could fund civil discourse gatherings and help coordinate the innumerable meeting places where citizens gather to discuss and discern the functional, viable operating systems that replace those now breaking down. These gatherings—civic, religious, public, and private—will consider and discuss the systemic changes and transformations required to habilitate the crises. Groups can use a visioning and planning process called backcasting to identify a viable future, and then work backwards to chart a course to get there. 

All of this would need to link consistently with national and international programs and policies designed to respond to ecological overshoot and overflowing pollution sinks.

Summary of Campaign Components:

  • Goal: To build a broad-based movement, in which a sizable segment of the public understands the dangers, demands a society-wide mobilization and engages in comprehensive systems transformation directed toward viability and ecological balance.
  • Campaign Basis: Motivated public involvement can drive the changes needed. Just a small percentage of dedicated citizens can achieve substantial transformation.
  • Philanthropic Support: Success hinges upon philanthropy providing extraordinary financial support for: (1) sounding the general alarm, (2)  a broadcast system that disseminates and displays best-practice results at scale-national and international scale first-toward viable human operating systems, then (3) local gatherings that enable and drive the viable systems transformations necessary,  disseminates and displays best-practice results toward viable human operating systems. The scale of funding provided by philanthropy must start at the level of a presidential campaign, illustrating its pervasiveness.
  • Media Saturation: Philanthropy becomes the "Paul Revere" voice in warning the public and calling for dramatic and immediate responses. It alone has the credibility, influence, and resources to fulfill this role by funding an extensive media outreach that includes every available form of cultural persuasion, such as: PSAs, special programming, and media of all types.
  • Grassroots Mobilization: Motivated citizens are critical to catalyze the necessary changes required.  Once warned and catalyzed, millions are needed in active participation if future viability is to be restored.
  • Timeframe: This campaign must be immediately launched and moving full-speed-ahead within two years, or the gathering crises will overwhelm efforts at organized collective cooperation. Once chaos and breakdown ensue, it will likely be too late to start collective survival efforts.

Beyond the Alarm and Awakening

After a general alarm is sounded and national / international efforts are engaged, then the strategies involve community / state efforts to move from alarm to local and community actions consistent with international and national effective actions that will drive local systems back to ecological balance and viability. 

Although the nature of comprehensive change will encourage people to work individually / locally, it is critical to understand that without the national and international-level response, local / state level actions will not make enough difference by themselves to salvage a viable future and viable humanity into the 22nd century. 

Similarly, local practices are actually futile without broadcasting positive local strategies, and without being able to access “best practices toward livability and future viability.” Therefore, after a national / international alarm and awakening, the positive action steps taken in innumerable local / state systems must be broadcast universally so that best practices can be emulated and spread. 

Through the immediate harnessing of human will and ingenuity we can yet deliver viable, relatively low-carbon, climate-resilient, and prosperous communities on a national and on worldwide scale. Humans have the wherewithal—once the mistakes and dead-ends are realized—to habilitate their operating systems and drive back to balance with living systems, with Earth’s ability to regenerate useful renewable resources and energy sufficient to drive a viable future and return humanity to viability in cooperation with our life support systems.




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