Climate stabilization under the international consensus 2° Celsius / 3.6° Fahrenheit threshold agreed to in the Copenhagen Accord is the ultimate and necessary goal.

Warming of 2°C / 3.6°F above pre-industrial levels is widely considered the heat limit to avert the most dangerous effects of runaway climate change and the risk of irreversible tipping points. Our pathway puts us on a course to more than double the internationally agreed limit.

The US must adopt policies to capture the price of GHGs, accelerate and expand investment in clean energy, and transform our infrastructure. These complimentary measures are needed to help reduce GHG emissions and quickly drive investment away from carbon-intensive practices, towards a clean and efficient energy future.

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• Pricing carbon pollution
• Reducing emissions several percent per year
• Investing in the conversion to a clean, efficient and resilient infrastructure
• US leadership

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