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ASK PHILANTHROPISTS: Climate Breakthrough Now!


Let's protect a livable world for our children.
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Time is running out to protect our miraculous planet. We must reduce fossil fuel use now, or runaway climate change becomes much more likely. Yet current efforts, policies, and treaties do not meet the scope and scale of the challenge of stopping runaway climate change in time.  

A price on carbon is the major US policy needed to displace fossil fuels, replacing them with clean energy for a life-enhancing future. Achieving this quickly will require a massive people’s campaign to galvanize citizens and push government to act, which includes: (1) media saturation; (2) compelling personal education; and (3) grassroots outreach and engagement. The effort must be on the scale of a presidential campaign. With just 3-4% of Americans engaged, we can transform the crisis. 

Now is the time for philanthropy to respond, and provide the billions of dollars necessary for this campaign. Ask philanthropists for the needed climate leadership.

This is our time; now is our moment. Help now.
This is our call to greatness: Join us in protecting our future. 


Climate change is already increasing the frequency of heat waves, drought, fires, and floods. Lake Mead water levels have dropped over 100 feet since 2000, reflecting long-term drought conditions in the Southwest—an area highly vulnerable to climate change in the US.

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