Time is running out to protect our miraculous planet. With the Paris Climate Change Agreement, the world's leaders started to awaken to the enormous risks we face. Yet nations’ intentions—with reductions postponed and huge fossil fuel incentives still in place—mean a rise of 3.5°C this century, vastly inconsistent with Paris's 1.5-2°C goal. A central assumption for meeting the target involves the massive deployment of undemonstrated, negative emission technologies. To actually deliver on Paris, an immediate, dramatic fossil fuel phase out is needed—there’s simply no remaining carbon budget.

The case is overwhelming for a Climate & Ecological Emergency Campaign as an overriding national priority. The aim is zero emissions within ten years in the US, feasible with an emergency restructuring of our economy at rapid speed. The US must also provide low-carbon assistance for the developing world. Climate change is an immense crisis, but it is also an immense opportunity to build a just world that works for all.

We must quickly drive an open, truthful national conversation, to achieve a US consensus on this climate mobilization within two years. Public engagement must be galvanized through an extensive warning initiative, thus a Climate & Ecological Emergency Campaign will offer personal, face-to-face dialogue in thousands of faith and civic spaces across the nation to awaken citizens to the need for mobilization. A Climate Emergency Coalition creates a pathway for existing organizations to shift their missions to mobilization; additionally, it furthers the public conversation and opens the space for the mobilization to take root.

In spite of what is needed, the Trump Administration has launched a concerted campaign to unleash the fossil fuel industry and end all climate protection, essentially putting the US and world on the road to climate catastrophe. The Trump agenda must be stopped. Importantly, realize that it only takes 3-4% of engaged, impassioned citizens—those most concerned—to transform the situation.

Now is our moment. This is our call to greatness.
Join us in protecting our future.



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