The Tinkerbell-Effect & Breaking the Climate

UPDATED: This is Part 1 in the ATL's free e-book Climate and Ecological Delusions and Contradictions That Will Rapidly End Humanity, Unless…

The story about our collective Delusions and Contradictions picks up speed with a stunning revelation!

It goes like this: With the UN 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, all of the world’s leadership and nations have promised to hold-the-line on warming the planet and to stabilize our climate system at no more than 2° Celsius (3.6◦ Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial temperatures.[1] Yet, the way they have chosen to do this is to blast past that 2°C heat limit with hundreds of billions of tons of excess pollution, and then later to magically suck the polluting CO2 that causes a cooked and broken climate—out of the air. If you do not know this (perhaps because the world leaders are hiding behind what might be called the “Tinkerbell-Effect”) then you have not yet heard how the world’s leadership plans to actually implement this magical technology. 

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Open Letter to Philanthropy: Worldwide Ecocide

On May 10, ATL sent this Open Letter to Philanthropy to several key foundations: Hewlett Foundation, Packard Foundation, Grantham Foundation, and the Gates Foundation. Join our Open Letter: see the key points and contact information listed at the bottom. 

Précis:  This is an Open Letter to the major entity, i.e., Philanthropy and to the individuals that have both the ways and means to: (1) catalyze world organizations and political systems into comprehensive Emergency Declarations and Disaster Preparedness; and, to (2) support the discovery, funding, and enactment of effective Emergency Responses related to the interconnected emergencies now confronting humanity as a whole.

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Visions & Contradictions: Assessing the Green New Deal

By now the Green New Deal (GND) has become a lightning rod for both hopes and fears about America’s future, with detractors on both sides saying the resolution either goes too far or doesn’t go far enough – while many have enthusiastically embraced the resolution. This essay considers whether the GND matches the true severity of our situation and whether any transitions it accomplishes conform to what is needed to resolve climate stabilization issues. And just how attainable is it – how can sweeping climate legislation possibly be passed in this Congress or the next?

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Man and Miracles

But, Broken and Cooked

“The easiest thing of all is to deceive oneself, for we believe whatever we want to believe. This is so, even though the reality is often different”


Absent the appearance of vast herds of magical “Carbon-Sucking Unicorns” to rescue us, we can be assured that not only is the Earth surface cooked medium-to-unwell done, but also we will harvest a broken climate. We will say goodbye to many parts of civilization these next few decades, perhaps in its entirety. 

The question then is, "Will we work hard to achieve Purgatory?" Or, "Will we slide into Hell itself and end the human experiment?"

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We Are All in the Clutches of the Delusion Dragon

Originally published at The Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere.

It’s time to accept that we are not going to dislodge the entrenched interests holding back effective action on looming climate chaos by any means tried so far. Believing that 97% of credible scientists is consensus enough is 103% short for effective response. (Even 200% may not be enough.) Undeniability and incontrovertibility are the only criteria that will work to break through the Hydra-Headed Delusion Dragon clutching all of us.

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Curiouser & Curiouser

Of course, events in and around our world have gotten so egregiously curiouser and curiouser, that we thought it important to lend some interpretation, call it briefing, before we all become mad-hatters!  Now to be sure, we are lending to ourselves as well, because it is important to try to make some sense of events, even in the face of unrelenting non-sense.

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Trump: #1 Enemy of the Future

Donald Trump has just given humanity a big push towards the cliff’s edge. By foolishly rejecting the Paris Climate Agreement, Trump will go down in history (if “history” endures) as the world’s worst leader and worst enemy of the future ever. He has chosen irreversible global warming as the world’s future. We now join the laudable company of Syria and Nicaragua, the only two nations that did not join the deal to begin with.

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The Gift of the Trumpocalypse

For growing numbers of Americans, tracking the exploding Trump-Russia scandal has become a necessity, like slowing for a major multi-vehicle pileup. Rachel Maddow delivers bombshell reports almost every weeknight, each plotline adding more gasoline to the conflagration that is consuming our political system. As Senator John McCain has offered: “There’s a lot more shoes to drop from this centipede.”

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Can This Unprecedented Administration Be "Un-Presidented" Too?

"Donald Trump and his band of Banana Republicans are turning our country into a banana republic."
– Swami Beyondananda

Is the honeymoon over yet?

Perhaps a better question is, what kind of honeymoon follows a shotgun wedding? For the past two months, I have explored how the failure of neoliberalism helped fuel the perfect storm that put Donald Trump in the White House, and how given the choice between status quo and disruptive change, the body politic chose the latter.

OK, so here we are. Now what?

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Focus Our Massive Numbers On This One Issue And Get Immediate Results

In the wake of the incredibly successful Women’s Marches around the country and around the world, we now have an even greater strategic window of opportunity for citizens to act in one accord and take our momentum to the next level.

Our window of time is just the next three weeks! Please stay with me – this is really, really important, and you probably were not aware of it.

At the same time as record numbers of Americans mobilized for the Women’s Marches across the country, another equally significant civic engagement event was just getting started and is now fully in process. It represents a profoundly important opportunity. Let’s not miss it…

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