Ask Philanthropists: Gaining Momentum


Momentum towards our SIGNATURES goal is increasing through many outlets! These include reaching out to our allies and gaining new supporters.

Since the beginning of our Ask Philanthropists campaign:

  • We have added 339 Likes to our Facebook page.
  • We are reaching out to at least 5,000 people per week through social media to inform people about what is happening and encouraging them to help.
  • In the last 28 days, 322,000 people have seen our tweets and 1,351 people have visited our Twitter profile.
  • We had a 635% increase in the number of visitors to our website in May over April. 

But NOW is not the time to let up!  We still need your help. This week we want 500 new signatures for the Philanthropists’ letter in order to get big bucks from The Giving Pledge and put our environment on the right track. We know we can get these signatures with your help.

Reach out to one person to sign the letter and build the movement. Tweet us, Facebook us, email us. We want to hear from you and people like you that care about this world.



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