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 Time is running out to protect our miraculous planet. We must mobilize to reduce fossil fuel use now, or runaway climate change becomes much more likely. Yet current efforts, policies, and treaties do not meet the scope and scale of the challenge of stopping runaway climate change in time. 

Ask these philanthropists to engage their peers in helping to fund a coordinated climate campaign to galvanize citizens and push government to act, which includes: (1) media saturation; (2) compelling personal education; and (3) grassroots outreach and engagement. The effort must be on the scale of a presidential campaign. History demonstrates that dramatic change can be achieved by a small percentage of committed people.


These philanthropists are outstanding for their level of concern about climate change and their influence in relation to other potential donors, such as those in The Giving Pledge, through which 129 billionaires have pledged to give at least half their fortunes away. Much of that wealth is still undesignated. Only The Giving Pledge donors have a funding pool deep enough, and can act quickly enough in order to avert climate catastrophe. 

Bill_Melinda_Gates_300.jpg SteyerHeadshot_350.jpg novo-buffets_2.jpg Michael_R_Bloomberg_350.jpg

Bill and Melinda Gates

Tom Steyer

Peter and Jennifer Buffett

Michael Bloomberg




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